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Historic Resources Committee

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3-D Printing and Scanning in Construction

Join us in October as the HRC welcomes our featured speaker Chris Dabek, an acclaimed expert in managing high-profile, complex preservation projects with challenging schedules and budgets. Chris will show us the cutting edge of 3-D technology, illustrating emerging techniques for replicating historic architectural features using laser scanning and 3-D printing. His fascinating presentation will employing case studies to explain the steps involved in replicating a historic baluster unit and reproducing other complex decorative features using 3-D technology, demonstrating the significant value these new tools add to workshop- and construction-site workflow for historic structure repair and restoration.

Christopher J. Dabek graduated from Roger Williams University with a BS in Construction Management, and has worked on many of the region’s most complex restoration projects, including the Bowdoin Chapel Towers Reconstruction, Victoria Mansion Tower Reconstruction, Trinity College Long Walk, Wadsworth Athenaeum, and Travelers Tower Rehabilitation and, most recently, repair and preservation work at Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.
Formerly a Project Manager and the Director of Historic Preservation for Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Chris is now Vice President of Stone & Lime Imports, Inc. and Freedom Cement LLC, where he establishes quality-control measures and develops creative solutions to unique preservation challenges, working closely with the entire team from pre-construction through project close-out. Chris also serves as President of the Northeast Chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology International (APT Northeast).

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