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Existing Conditions Surveys, Inc.

Providing the Building Community with As Built Building Documentation; 3D Building Information Models, 3D Laser Scanning.

Celebrating 20 years of service in Boston!

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IGBoston Snapshot


Image courtesy Kathryn Riley (@k__h__r).

IGBoston is a community of innovative New England creators, cultivating art and culture with trendsetting digital media content.

IGBoston Snapshot is a visual narrative of the IGBoston community, captured moment by moment. Designed as an Instagram feed, the exhibition illustrates how social media inspires the artists that contribute to it. Images in IGBoston Snapshot are frequently refreshed. Exhibition developed by IGBoston members and curated by IGBoston moderators.

At IGBoston, it’s #communityfirst because creativity is a collaborative experience.

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About IGBoston
IGBoston is a community of innovative New England creators, cultivating art and culture with tren-setting digital media content.

Initially founded as an Instagram page in 2013, IGBoston is now a digital media agency, helping thousands of creators and clients cultivate successful digital media brands.

IGBoston also hosts a podcast series ("The Direct Message"), monthly creative workshop classes at Northeastern University (#igbostoncreators), and yearly art/photo gallery events (The GallerySpace).

These events and initiatives serve IGBoston's mission; inspire community members through cooperation and feedback. It's #communityfirst because creativity is a collaborative experience.

Contact IGBoston for your digital media and/or photography needs at [email protected]

The IGBoston Originators—Digital Media Curation Services
If you represent an organization looking to improve your social media brand, contact the IGBoston Originators about our curation services. Since 2013, IGBoston has helped thousands of clients cultivate their creative content and launch successful campaigns. Our photographers, content creators, and social media experts are ready to make your social media profile realize its full potential.


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