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The Process of Engaging Community and Public Spaces

BSA Intersections Mc Whorter 19

Photo by Paige McWhorter

‘The Process of Engaging Community and Public Spaces’ will be located in Salt Gallery at the BSA. The exhibition will include a projection mapped sculpture of The People's Memorial Project with cycling representation of the individuals selected by the general public to represent Boston and Chelsea in this "live" monument, as well as images and video showing the process of engaging the public outside city sanctioned forums. Also featured is a 300-foot long ribbon created through a participatory process led by Richard Joon Yoo in remembrance of those that died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City in 1911. This ribbon includes all different textures and materials brought by participants to remember the 146 workers who died in this fire. Today, the memorial exists as a stainless-steel version of this original ribbon, descending from the ninth floor of the Brown Building in the Greenwich Village, around the east and south facades. This exhibit includes a steel plate sample from the memorial.

This event is part of Intersections: Equity, Environment + the City, a multi-day symposium November 6–13, 2021 brought to you by BosNOMA and Women in Design on intersectional and participatory design processes in Boston.

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