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Sustainability Education Committee Resources


Peter Papesch AIA / [email protected]

December 2019

Today, people must constantly learn new skills in order to keep up with rapidly changing products, paradigms, regulations, and professional requirements. They want to hear real stories, from real people, solving real problems. That’s where you come in. Creating engaging, accessible, and actionable education will allow you and your firm to be recognized for your leadership and expertise. This presentation, given by Melanie Share and Betsy Gast of Cantilever, shares stories about helping professionals use education as a marketing tool and best practices.

January 2017

This brief presentation showcases the Cuisinart Center for Culinary Excellence in Providence, RI. This project was completed for Johnson & Wales University by Tsoi/Kobus & Associates in 2011 and is an early exemplar of "passive survivability", which means the design of the structure not only considered environmental volatility but exploited it and celebrated it in its end form. These principles, now codified by the Resilient Design Institute’s “10 Principles of Resilient Design” include breakaway panels and planned flood zones within the building, hovering the building above the site on a protective berm above anticipated storm surge levels, internal space planning placing non-critical functional elements out of the surge, etc. Importantly, this shows how a building can be planned for disaster while celebrating site, social interaction, and improved functioning for times when the building is mean to serve the students of the university. This is not a building about fear but one which promotes intellect, identity, and instills campus pride.

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