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Modern Ethics

August 2023 Prompt: The Ethics of Competitive Work

Share your thoughts! What does the Ethics of Competitive Work mean to you?

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Community Comments: Reflecting on "When and How to Properly Credit Design Partners" (February 2023) & “The Ethics of Material Selection (March 2023)

“…’compensate them fairly’ does not need to be monetary. Compensation could extend to publication and credit for work.” – Michael Ohrman (February 2023)
"We must understand the materials we choose well enough to be able to inform our clients of potential impacts." – Scott Parker (March 2023)
"If the materials used to produce a product are not handled safely in the US, we shouldn't try and design with them. It could impact the public safety." – Michael Ohrman (March 2023)