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Oct 17, 2016

ABX Spotlight: Aeron Hodges AIA

Aeron Hodges headshot

Name: Aeron Hodges AIA

How are you participating in ABX 2016?
WHAT’S IN, the design research team at Stantec, hosted an international installation competition earlier this year and selected a winner to build a space for social interaction called QUAD. As a sequel to last year’s Urban Living Lab, this year WHAT’S IN is showcasing our research on “Meaningful Social Spaces in Urban Living” in the QUAD space. We will present the different design elements that make a public space successful, the psychology behind what contributes to stronger senses of community, and the new design trends in urban living social spaces via case studies.

Your top three conference or speaker picks at ABX 2016?
Affordable urban living is something I am passionate about. Boston, among many American cities, is facing a crisis in housing future workforces. Many talks at ABX 2016 are addressing this issue, including “Mixed income housing in smart locations: Making it work,” with Kenan Bigby, and “Boston You’re Our Home: Examining Workforce Housing” by Tamara Roy AIA and Mark Erlich.

What are you most excited about the future of the building industry?
ABX brings the multidisciplinary voices together. We all contribute to the dialogue of making our cities smarter and work better for our residents. It’s the diverse perspective and expertise that make our industry exciting.