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Oct 11, 2016

ABX Spotlight: Ben Gebo

Ben gebo portrait 01

Name: Ben Gebo

How are you participating in ABX 2016?
I am taking photographs of people in the architecture and design field for photobooth-style portraits. I photographed this year’s portraits of the 2016 ABX “One Industry. Many Partners.” campaign. It was so much fun!

Your top conference or speaker picks at ABX 2016?
Laurent Bouzelmat MS and his session on real estate crowdfunding, and Angeline Focht and her session on virtual reality.

What about the future of the building industry most excites you?
The innovation in green and cost-effective ways to build homes—things like hemp-based concrete and foam, solar panels, the use of recycled lumber, functional use of daylight, and wider acceptance of adobe and “earthbag” homes.