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Dec 02, 2022

BSA holds 2022 BSA/AIA Annual Meeting

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On December 1, the BSA/AIA and BSA Foundation Annual Meeting took place virtually, with a keynote conversation between Emily Grandstaff-Rice FAIA, the 99th president of the AIA, and Nigel Jacob, BSA Managing Director of Innovation.

BSA members and community members gathered to hear about updates on the BSA’s strategic plan, the organization’s goals for 2023, and synergies between the BSA and AIA agendas, which offer key insights into the BSA's future.

Grandstaff-Rice named climate action, health and wellness, and sustainability resilience as examples of key issues. She also spoke about her work with the AIA to develop the Guides for Equitable Practice.

"I think the ways in which the BSA took that work and then expanded it to make it authentic to Boston, and really started the conversation about what systemic injustice looks like in our region, has been extraordinary," said Grandstaff-Rice.

Jacob spoke about how the decision to focus on innovation for the BSA is a process that builds on the BSA’s strategic work with consultancy design firm IDEO earlier this year.

“We’ll be working with the BSA team here to build out this process … The Request for Innovations is a piece of that,” said Jacob, who led the Innovation Practice Team that developed the BSA’s RFI.

Watch a recording of the meeting below.

Learn more about the RFI and the BSA.