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Public Call

Feb 14, 2019

Call for volunteers: Design Charrette with University Lutheran and Partners for Sacred Places

University Lutheran color banner

University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square

1952 Harleston Parker medal winner, University Lutheran Church in Harvard Square is working with Partners for Sacred Places to reimagine and leverage their historic building as space for programs, collaborations and resources for the surrounding community. This project will begin with a community asset mapping with local stakeholders that will inform the design charrette to follow.

Community Asset-Mapping
This brainstorming/workshop event will last approximately 3 hours and include tours, small groups, and larger conversation with about 40-50 attendees. Asset-mapping will help University Lutheran identify new stakeholders and develop strategies for connecting the congregation’s assets, including its building, to assets in the community—physical, individual, associational, institutional. This process will uncover ideas for new programs, collaborations, initiatives, and resources.

Design Charrette
Building on the outcomes of the asset mapping, the design charrette will produce draft concepts (drawings, renderings, etc.) that illustrate how the building can reflect the new ideas for use and space-sharing, including how these uses catalyze larger synergies, prompting the interest and buy-in of key constituencies and laying the foundation for future successful capital fundraising to support renovations and repairs. The charrette is planned for 1.5 days, including public presentations and working sessions.

Grab a friend and bring your design/drawing knowledge to this great opportunity on Friday, March 8-Saturday, March 9!

Interested volunteers can direct any questions to Jenny Effron at [email protected].