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Apr 18, 2024

KidsBuild! 2024

Kids Build 108 WEB

Photo by Natalie Tague

The 32nd annual KidsBuild! was held at the Boston Society for Architecture on Saturday, April 6, and Sunday, April 7, 2024. Nearly 800 young designers and families explored the possibilities of architecture, planning, design, and construction. Assisted by 97 volunteers, the event transformed the space into a vibrant city brimming with creativity.

Guided by volunteer design professionals, participants chose a construction site from the city grid, assembled their building, and were awarded Certificates of Occupancy from the City Building Inspectors. This year’s city boasted a handful of libraries, a soccer stadium, a synagogue, parks, mass transit stations, aquariums, a Taylor Swift concert venue, and even a dragon factory! Each of these building types fit within the city's limits and building zones for commercial, residential, and more.

Across the two-day event, many new participants joined in on the fun, as well as those who have participated throughout the years. Many families look forward to KidsBuild! each year as their children and interests grow. This year, the BSA team talked with a family who said they had been participating since their older daughter was 4, and was upset she couldn’t come this year due to schedule conflicts with the PSATs. While the majority of participants live in the Greater Boston area, two families traveling in the area- one from California, and another from London, England- made their mark on this year's KidsBuild! city.

Kids Build 088 WEB

Building Inspectors endorsed Certificates of Occupancy for participants once their building was completed.

Photo by Natalie Tague

When asked about their experiences, children, family members, and volunteers alike were excited to talk about how incredible of a program KidsBuild! has been for them. One young volunteer, Elijah, was volunteering for the second year in a row. He participated in KidsBuild! for two years when he was younger, and fondly recalls assembling his designs and learning from the volunteers. As a volunteer, he was excited and proud to engage with participating kids and spike an interest in architecture in the same way that volunteers did with him when he was younger.

Kids Build 025 WEB

Volunteer Elijah helping a participant select building materials.

Photo by Natalie Tague

KidsBuild! is the largest, free, public event offered by the BSA and is one of many programs offered through BSA's K-12 Design Education. KidsBuild! and K-12 Design Education are part of BSA Foundation's aim to engage the public in architecture/design in creative ways. These, along with other public programs, would not be possible without the support, volunteers, and donations provided each year. Consider giving today.