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Aug 27, 2020

Who are the practice-based researchers?

Color Lockup 4 PBR

There is no one definition for “practice-based research” and there is no one kind of practice-based researcher. The BSA's Matter & Opinion: Practice-Based Research conference will highlight the broad spectrum of ongoing research work in architecture and present design professionals with pathways for incorporating research into their work. (Spoiler: There is no one-size-fits-all approach.)

Want to get an idea of who is conducting practice-based research? Join us for a full day of learning more on research in areas that range from the traditional monograph to healthcare design to construction technology to intellectual property.

Industry leaders from across the country will share lightning presentations, illustrating the many different things that “practice-based research” can mean, and the many different ways that research is sparked and sustained. Conversations will continue throughout the day with panel discussions that will examine barriers to research in practice—both real and perceived—and will offer models and strategies for those who want to build or refine their research work.

Check out the Matter & Opinion: Practice-Based Research conference schedule and speaker line-up here, and stay tuned for more on specific research topics and projects to be shared.

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