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Community Impact

Jul 29, 2016

Mini Makers Fair

DSC 0839 shopped

Image courtesy Paige McWhorter.

Inspiration by and for the makers of the world

This all-ages celebration of creativity in its many forms took place at the Boston Children's Museum on Saturday, July 23. Children and parents came to be inspired, ignite ingenuity, and see amazing things not thought possible. From real life R2-D2s to carpentry to cyclist-generated Pollock paintings, the Mini Makers Fair was not short on engaging activities in which to participate or imaginative inventions at which to wonder.

The BSA Foundation and Design Museum Boston's booth brought Imagination Playground blocks so that children, parents, and quite a few teachers could build their own play space with big blue blocks! (Try saying that fast five times!)

Volunteers shared information with parents on how playground design improves communities and child development and ideas to inspire design creativity in young kids. Hearing about the BSA Foundation's Family Design Days (FDD) and annual KidsBuild! event motivated parents and children to join an upcoming Saturday FDD to learn about playground and bridge design, and to have the opportunity to build their own structure from their wildest design dreams.

Imagination Playground blocks are part of the exhibition Extraordinary Playscapes, on view at BSA Space through September 5, 2016. Events take place all summer as part of a series of family and children's workshops created by the BSA Foundation and Design Museum Boston focusing on design and play.