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Providing architects with comprehensive building documentation through laser scanning & building information modeling.

Providing architects with comprehensive building documentation through laser scanning & building information modeling.


Community News

Feb 27, 2019

New AIA members: February 2019

Throughout the end of 2018 and the beginning of the new year, all the Massachusetts chapters have grown - we've seen associate members receive their registrations and AIA members join anew.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest AIA members!

*CMAIA Member
**WMAIA Member

  • Matthew D. Arnold AIA
  • Shannon Atherton AIA
  • Anne Walker Babka AIA
  • Sean Barrett AIA
  • Peter W. Bartash AIA
  • Michael A. Baskin AIA
  • Jesica M. Bello AIA
  • Andres Bernal AIA
  • Richard Samuel Boccelli, Jr. AIA, NCARB
  • Taryn Bone AIA
  • Lawrence A. Borins AIA
  • *Sean Brennan AIA
  • Elizabeth Brown AIA
  • Meghan Burke AIA
  • Mitchell Bush AIA
  • Katie Chu AIA
  • Gabriel Blue Cira AIA
  • Joshua T. Colantuoni AIA
  • Andy S. Cole AIA
  • David Darling AIA
  • Alexander Samuel Davis AIA
  • Michael DelleFave, Jr., AIA
  • Cristina M. DesLoges AIA
  • Michael DiSalvatore AIA
  • Eric R. Dori AIA
  • Alexandra L. Dorn AIA
  • Brendon L. Duffy AIA
  • Domenico Eramo AIA
  • Alan Estabrook AIA
  • Alexander H. Farley AIA
  • Lauren M. Festa AIA
  • Darguin Fortuna AIA
  • Amber Freedman AIA
  • Lauren Borah Gauthier AIA
  • Michael Gersht AIA
  • Anika Gramsey AIA
  • Caitlin D. Greenwood AIA
  • Nicholas Gregsak AIA
  • Olivia R. Hegner AIA
  • Ben Herter AIA
  • Elizabeth A. Hollywood AIA
  • Daniel Jick AIA
  • Raymond Kettner AIA
  • Nicholas Stephen Kineke AIA
  • Amy S. Latva-Kokko AIA
  • Charles B. Leahy AIA
  • David Leitman AIA
  • James E. Loftus AIA
  • Arthur Love IV, AIA
  • Edward Marcey AIA
  • Elizabeth D. Marcoulier AIA
  • Matt Marotta AIA
  • Stewart Marshall AIA
  • Keihly L. Moore AIA
  • Paul Muldoon AIA
  • Alison G. Nash AIA
  • Xiaomeng Nie AIA
  • Erion Nikolla AIA
  • Thomas O'Brien AIA
  • **Kevin O'Neil AIA
  • Virginia Ofer AIA
  • Julieta Ohri AIA
  • Caitlin Osepchuk AIA
  • Ryan T. Otterson AIA
  • Ji Seok Park AIA
  • *Lawrence Passmore AIA
  • **Justin Pelland AIA
  • Ewelina Peszt AIA
  • Paul Pettigrew AIA
  • Stan Poreda AIA
  • Joanne Powell AIA
  • Rebecca Ray AIA
  • Amanda M. Ribeiro AIA
  • Andy Rodrigue AIA
  • Terry Rookard AIA
  • Ari M. Rosenthal AIA
  • Jonanthan Rushmore AIA
  • Anthony H. Sanchez AIA
  • Caroline A. Scorzelli AIA
  • Daniel C. Sebaldt AIA
  • Robin M. Seidel AIA
  • Ashley Shaw AIA
  • Gabriela S. Shelburne AIA
  • Steven Max Silverstein AIA
  • Zachary Silvia AIA
  • *Aksel Bredt Solberg AIA
  • Kurt A. Stavdal AIA
  • Joe Stromer AIA
  • Scott T Swails AIA
  • Matthew Trulli AIA
  • Mark Urrea AIA
  • Jill Verhosek AIA
  • Joseph Bryant Watson AIA
  • Brendan James Willis AIA
  • Nathan Wong AIA


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