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Sep 13, 2019

New AIA members: Summer 2019

Through the summer, all the Massachusetts chapters have grown - we've seen associate members receive their registrations and AIA members join anew.

Welcome and congratulations to our newest AIA members!

*CMAIA Member
**WMAIA Member

**Henry Albin AIA
Stephen D. Baker AIA
C. Daniel Bass AIA, LEED AP
Nicolas Biddle AIA
Madeline Burns AIA
Jonathan Campanaro AIA
Erin Corcoran AIA
Stephen G. Egan, Jr., AIA
**Kayla M. Farrell AIA
Sean Flanagan AIA
Glen Frank AIA
Jeremy Garczynski AIA
Daniel Gelormini AIA
Chana Haouzi AIA
Brian P. Howland AIA
Michael D. Kelly AIA
Bohseung Kong AIA
Stacy Krieg AIA
Brittany Locke AIA
Wenji Ma AIA
David Orndorff AIA
Oana Pavunev AIA
David H. Potter AIA
Margaret Rew AIA
Alvaro J. Ribeiro AIA
Christopher Hugh Ripman AIA
Morris L. Schopf AIA
Andrew L. Serfling AIA
Jingwen Shi AIA
Gauri Shitole AIA
Daniel J. Sliter AIA
David G. Spears AIA
Emily L. Sperini AIA
Michael H. Strahm AIA
Joshua Swasey AIA
Matthew V. Vocatura AIA
Brian R. Webber AIA
Karno Widjaja AIA
*Timothy A. Widman AIA
Phillip Wright AIA


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