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Aug 18, 2020

What is Practice-Based Research?

Color Lockup 4 PBR

Coming soon: The Practice-Based Research Conference will take place October 15, 2020.

Architects are inherent problem solvers and research is baked into their design process. Matter & Opinion: Practice-Based Research will feature firms and individuals who will share successful business models, discuss barriers to adoption, and help define real value for research within the profession.

Architecture firms constantly seek to innovate their practices. They do this while serving the needs of clients and responding to larger trends in the built environment, such as sustainability, technology, and project delivery models. This process of practice-based research offers a way to maintain competitive advantages, while elevating the relevance and visibility of the profession.

Join Practice-Based Research on October 15 for a program that will be equal parts inspiration and “how to." Many architects are already taking part in practice-based research; this one-day virtual conference aims to illustrate the spectrum of what "research" can be and to present ways that architects can successfully implement research into practice and business.

Registration opens in September.

Interested in supporting Practice-Based Research? Learn more here.