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Feb 05, 2020

Will the White House Mandate federal architectural style?

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United States Treasury, Washington DC

Image courtesy of Tony Webster, creative commons license, modified.

The BSA and AIA National oppose a mandated style for federal architecture. Click here to send an email to President Trump.

Immediate Action Needed Contact the White House NOW!

The BSA and AIA National oppose a mandated style for federal architecture. All architectural style has value. We encourage you to take action against any top-down directive which would eliminate a community's rights to weigh in on the government buildings meant to serve them.

Click here to send an email to the President Trump.

Read a February 4 email alert from AIA Senior Vice President, Advocacy and Relationships, Sarah Dodge

Read more about the drafted executive order in Architectural Record's “Will the White House Order Federal Architecture To Be Classical?"


On Twitter, February 4, the AIA issued this statement

“The AIA strongly opposes uniform style mandates for federal architecture. Architecture should be designed for the specific communities that it serves, reflecting our rich nation’s diverse places, thought, culture and climates. Architects are committed to honoring our past as well as reflecting our future progress, protecting the freedom of thought and expression that are essential to democracy.”


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