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Kindergartners celebrate their design ideas with Mayor Wu

On Saturday, May 13, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu visited the BSA to celebrate with children, families, teachers, and administrators at the opening of the second Our Boston: Voices from Kindergarten exhibition. Below are pictures from the fun-filled morning.

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Kindergarteners shared their design ideas with Mayor Wu.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

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Students, teachers, and parents from each classroom shared their projects with one another.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

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The BSA and BPS Department of Early Childhood Education cohosted the morning, welcoming students, families, and educators from across the city to see students' designs on display.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

A30 A4922

Mayor Wu interviewed the student speakers about their design ideas for a more fair and fun Boston for children.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

A30 A5156

Families explored the models from each classroom, including the model shown here, "Boston Needs Love. Boston Needs Kindness" from the Grew School.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

A30 A5292 1

Students sat with one another to see other students' ideas, pictured here is the "All People Helping Stair" by the Eliot School.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

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Thank you to all the educators, families, and supporters who joined us, shared their thoughts with students, and were a part of the Construction Unit this year.

Image: Thuy Buonocore

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Here's to a Boston filled with spaces to play, learn, and grow. A more fair and fun place for all, "Our Boston."

Image: Thuy Buonocore