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How can architects respond to Boston's housing crisis?

From rising costs to lack of affordable units to the dilemma of a rising population, architects are working to find equitable solutions: piloting models for innovative housing typologies, exploring new ways to populate our Gateway cities, and retrofitting our existing stock.

Housing is about much more than buildings—it is about home, community, health, resilience and equity. The BSA has focused on housing to ensure an adequate supply of housing for people up and down the socio-economic ladder—a critical element to the health of our cities. Working with partners in government, business, civic institutions, and community organizations, the BSA has worked on a robust array of solutions to meet the challenge of housing affordability. These initiatives cover a broad range of issues, from design and construction to planning and zoning to help increase the supply of housing, particularly for low and middle-income households.

BSA Housing Initiatives:

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