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The Block Project

Block Architects creates Detached Accessory Dwelling Units to combat homelessness in Seattle. Read the story.

2018 11 15 BLOCK Project Render

Facing Homelessness + BLOCK Architects + an incredible community

Render by Barron Peper at BLOCK Architects

2018 07 16 BH1 Bobby1

The BLOCK Project / Seattle, WA

Bobby’s home after one year. When it’s nice out, he rides his bike downtown and spends time in the garden with Kim.

Image courtesy Rex Hohlbein

2017 06 09 Windermere20

The first volunteer day for the first BLOCK Home, back in 2017. Windermere Real Estate generously invited employees to take the day and get ready for the home install by clearing the site and preparing existing plants that were to be removed for a plant sale.

Image courtesy Rex Hohlbein

2017 09 13 lark PARTY5

Bobby, formerly homeless on the streets of Seattle for 10 years, is hosting a dinner in front of his new home in Fall of 2017. Kim and Dan, the host family, sits at the table and talks about how beautifully life-changing it has been to invite Bobby into their backyard and lives.

Image courtesy Rex Hohlbein

2017 07 16 BLOC Khome1

Construction of BLOCK Home 0001. In spring 2019 we have four homes complete, with 5 more under construction.

Image courtesy Rex Hohlbein