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Make/Shift: Alternative Care Sites

Public Health Officials, Hospital Administrators, and Healthcare Decision-makers: The following buildings, sites, and properties have been submitted for consideration for alternative occupancy. A coalition of architects, engineers, and life safety experts have developed a set of feasibility measures based on updated guidance on best practices from multiple sources. Inventories will be evaluated and posted on a rolling basis.

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Property Owners: Suggest a building or facility

Please help us identify buildings or facilities that might satisfy these adapted occupancies. Laboratory, science and technology facilities, hotels, dormitories, malls, convention centers, schools, and building shells pre-occupancy might be considered. We might also consider mobile triage capacity increased through the appropriation of food trucks and moving or delivery vehicles.

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We will be collecting your ideas to be evaluated with the consultation of architects and health care providers.

Learn more about applicable buildings.

Create your own dashboard

If you would like to start collecting building data in an area outside of Massachusetts, we’ve created template versions of both our form and data dashboard that can be re-used anywhere in the US. Detailed instructions for setting up a copy of our Airtable project can be found on Airtable Universe.

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