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Design and Construction Leadership Skills 2020

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Design and Construction Leadership Skills 2020

The same leadership skills that made you effective before COVID-19 may undermine you now

Six 2-hour online interactive seminars from 1:00 PM-3:00 PM: Oct 27, Nov 10, Dec 2, Dec 15, Jan 7, Jan 20

BSA Members: $1495 // Non-members: $2195 // Discount for additional participants available

Design and Construction Leadership Skills 2020 delivers the insights, strategies and skills you need to lead effectively NOW:

  • Manage change proactively, strategically
  • Build essential new leadership competencies
  • Update classic leadership strategies and skills
  • Redefine your leadership to integrate new skills with classic wisdom

Not a webinar or lecture, this high-impact online program features:

  • Small group (max 20) from design firms and construction companies
  • MBA-method interactive, hands-on learning,
  • Focus on applying insights and tools
  • Integrating emerging and classic leadership practices
  • Six 2-hour interactive seminars spread over three months
  • Both short and long-term results and outcomes
  • Have 10 + years in the design and construction industry
  • Have office-wide responsibilities in one or more key firm/company functions
  • Have 5 + years’ experience managing projects
  • Are deeply interested in their personal learning and continuous improvement

Who Should Attend

Executives, principals, senior and mid-level leaders who have responsibilities in the office and field will benefit from participating. People who get the most from this program typically:

  • Have 10 + years in the design and construction industry
  • Have office-wide responsibilities in one or more key firm/company functions
  • Have 5 + years’ experience managing projects
  • Are deeply interested in their personal learning and continuous improvement

Program Design Maximizes Lasting Results

Six 2-hour Seminars. This program design reinforces your ability to not just learn ideas but fully apply program insights. Spreading the sessions over time enables you to put program strategies and skills to work between sessions and fine tune your learning outcomes.

Start-Up, Pre-Work. To ensure maximum program results, we ask participants to complete several hours of self-guided pre-work before the first group seminar. This enables us to take full advantage of valuable program time.

Homework. There is little formal “homework,” but we expect participants to apply program skills between seminars and take notes on the results.

Enrollment information

The first 2020 session begins October 27, 2020, and enrollment is now open. Please complete a copy of this registration form for each registrant. Scan/email to Patricia Olshan at [email protected], or mail to YDPDI, c/o BSA, 290 Congress Street, Suite 200, Boston, MA 02210.

Download a registration form available here.

For information about program content, contact William Ronco, program director at [email protected] or 617-686-5005.

Design and Construction Leadership Skills 2020 Program

Workshop 1. You as leader now (Oct 27)

  • 4 reasons why effective leaders in ordinary times struggle in times of change
  • Identifying, assessing your own response to change
  • 5 emerging high-priority tasks you should be doing more of now
  • Why and how to use a 360 survey to check your performance and thinking with key others

Assignments: Launch your 360 survey, predict results

Workshop 2. Moving from insights to actions (Nov 10)

  • Analyzing your 360 survey results, planning intelligent action steps
  • Why and how to interview your survey respondents
  • Identifying the 5 key conversations that shape your overall performance
  • Recognizing the predictable, destructive patterns that undermine leadership conversations
  • Sampling two 1-on-1 skills that improve 1-on-1 outcomes and results

Assignments: Implement 360 survey actions; identify patterns in your key conversations

Workshop 3. Improving one-on-one skills (Dec 2)

  • Getting beyond yes – learning and using the new negotiations skills
  • Informal influencing - holding others accountable when you don’t have formal power
  • Identifying, addressing the special problems and benefits of video conversations
  • Writing and using your own Conversation Case to apply skills in your own situation
  • Assignments: Implement the new skills, track results

Workshop 4. Improving video meeting skills (Dec 15)

  • Mastering video meetings: 5 threats, 6 success strategies
  • Why and how to comfortably engage quiet participants
  • Building proficiency with the video software feature that improves meeting dialog
  • 4 ways to improve discussion quality and problem-solving in video meetings

Assignments: Implement skills in meetings, revise Personal Vision, draft Goal-Based Work Plan

Workshop 5. Building Virtual Teams (Jan 7)

  • Anticipating, addressing the disadvantages and advantages of virtual teams
  • Why virtual teams need teambuilding even more than in-person teams
  • 4 especially productive teambuilding tasks that improve virtual team performance
  • · Assignments: Implement the teambuilding tasks, track results

Workshop 6. Updating Your Leadership Vision, Goals and Everyday Practices (Jan 20)

  • Why and how to write an updated Personal Vision Statement
  • Developing and using goals that challenge and nurture your deepest interests
  • Using the Goal-Based Work Plan to update your everyday leadership practices
  • Forming new habits to reinforce changes in your leadership

Assignments: Implement the skills and tools, plan for your continuing learning and development

Take-Aways you’ll use long after the program ends: your 360 Survey results, Goal-Based Work Plan re-prioritizing your current tasks, Video meetings surveys, Ground Rules, Checklists

Program Fee, Comparisons, Cost-Benefit

Fee for the 6-session program is $2,195 ($1,495 for BSA members) with reduced rates for additional participants. The program delivers excellent value and the fee compares very favorably with leadership programs offered by the American Management Association, universities and other professional associations.

Considered as an investment, the fee provides outstanding returns. The program:

  • Improves immediate and longer term job performance and productivity
  • Enables participants to take on new tasks and responsibilities
  • Provides development and recognition for neglected “good performers”
  • Increases job satisfaction, morale, energy and focus
  • Especially focuses on skills that increase the value participants add to the company
  • Strengthens participant’s working relationships with clients and others in the company

Benefits / Outcomes For Participants

Training and development are intangible but they can produce very tangible results. Participants’ outcomes from participating in the program include:

  • Improved ability to add value in their firms
  • Increased skills taking on new, challenging tasks
  • Increased performance in areas that matter most for the firm’s performance
  • Improved ability to develop meaningful relationships with clients
  • Increased performance in marketing, business development and networking
  • Development of essential skills e.g. communicating, writing, presenting, managing projects, managing finances, marketing, managing CA and CD, etc.
  • Acquisition of perspective resulting from interaction with peers from other firms, instructors, and interaction with contractors in the Young Contractors program
  • Increased focus, job satisfaction and motivation resulting from all the above

Benefits / Outcomes For Sponsoring Firms

Beyond the individual participants, it is also quite possible for sponsoring firms to benefit as organizations from participating in the program:

  • Improved retention and development of key talent
  • Increased marketing and business development activity and success
  • Improved morale and firm spirit resulting from clear demonstration of the firm’s commitment to professional development for young designers
  • Increased understanding and improved working relationships across levels, departments and groups in the firm
  • Acquisition of current ideas and fresh perspective on best practices being developed by other firms and industry experts participating in the program
  • Improved employee alignment with the firm’s strategic plan
  • Raised expectations for job performance and productivity from program participants
  • Use of the program to strengthen the firm’s efforts at mentoring and coaching between senior managers and younger designers
  • Recognition of the firm as an Excellent Employer

About Program Leader William Ronco, Ph.D.

William Ronco, Ph.D., has extensive experience designing and delivering custom training and consulting for design, construction, owner/client organizations and leaders. Dr. Ronco:

  • Consults, researches and publishes on strategic planning, high-performing teams and leadership training and development
  • Has led seminars for the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Boston University, Northeastern University and CORENET (Corporate Real Estate Executives)
  • Initiated and leads the Boston Society of Architects’ Young Designers Professional Development Institute and Massachusetts Associated General Contractors’ Young Contractors Professional Institutes, now in their 20th year
  • Is a global expert on effective partnering in mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances,
  • Wrote The Partnering Solution (Career Press) and has led over two hundred design and construction partnering projects including the Big Dig, Massport, Williams College, Harvard University, the Commonwealth of Virginia, EMC Corporation and NY DOT
  • Earned his B.A. at Rutgers University, Ed.M. at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Ph.D. in Urban Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Co-Instructors for Selected Sessions

James C. Martin, Chief Information Officer at Shepley Bulfinch, brings both technical expertise and facilitation skills to his work with improving video meetings.

Ralph DeFlorio, Director of Operations at the Harvard Divinity School, brings his extensive experience in the owner/client role to his leadership insights and instruction.