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Young AEC Professionals Institute (YAECPI) - formerly YDPDI

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YDPDI participants and peers in the AGC’s Young Contractors program, connect with Owner/Clients from higher education, health care, government and corporate real estate at MIT in the “What Clients Really Want” YDPDI session.

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Winner, AIA Emerging Professionals Program of the Year Award

The BSA’s Young Designers Professional Development Institute (YDPDI) builds the core competencies young designers need most now to improve performance, add value and increase versatility in your firm.

Current program

YAECPI (2024)

Registration is now open, view the full program schedule and detailed information on the YAECPI page here.

Past programs

YAECPI (2023)

YDPDI (2021)

Design and Construction Leadership Skills (2020/2021)

12 Insightful, Pragmatic Seminars to Accelerate Your Career Development (2020)

What’s YAECPI (formerly YDPDI) Really Like?

Young professionals encounter a skills gap several years after they begin their design career: their job responsibilities shift to include many more tasks that involve communications. YAECPI fills this gap, and more. Each monthly seminar builds understanding and ability in young designers’ most important communications and management competencies. Participants build both essential skills and relationships with each other. YAECPI provides opportunities to explore alternative paths for professional development and insights to build a highly satisfying career.

"One of the greatest benefits of YDPDI for our firm’s participants is the opportunity to observe and learn from other firms. The architecture community can sometimes be somewhat closed. Interacting with their peers from other companies gives our employees great perspective on things we do well, as well as on things that we can do better. YDPDI also provides them with an outlet for ideas, frustrations and problem- solving in a neutral, supportive environment."
—Carol Gillen, Partner, Sierra Architects

"When I started YDPDI I was acutely aware of the information gap at this phase in my career. I was managing projects and people without any formal management training. YDPDI helps to bridge this gap with classes focused on relevant topics within the design industry. The monthly class format and relaxed atmosphere foster an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their experiences. As a result of this course I have become a better writer, leader and communicator. Most importantly, I have noticed the positive impact of these improved skills in my career. This course is an excellent resource for young designers looking to move forward in their career."
—Jen Taylor, Senior Designer / Manager, Stantec

About Program Leader William Ronco, Ph.D.

William Ronco, Ph.D., has extensive experience designing and delivering custom training and consulting for design, construction, owner/client organizations and leaders. Dr. Ronco:

  • Consults, researches and publishes on strategic planning, high-performing teams and leadership training and development
  • Has led seminars for the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Boston University, Northeastern University and CORENET (Corporate Real Estate Executives)
  • Initiated and leads the Boston Society of Architects’ Young Designers Professional Development Institute and Massachusetts Associated General Contractors’ Young Contractors Professional Institutes, now in their 20th year
  • Is a global expert on effective partnering in mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances,
  • Wrote The Partnering Solution (Career Press) and has led over two hundred design and construction partnering projects including the Big Dig, Massport, Williams College, Harvard University, the Commonwealth of Virginia, EMC Corporation and NY DOT
  • Earned his B.A. at Rutgers University, Ed.M. at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Ph.D. in Urban Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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