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Providing architects with comprehensive building documentation through laser scanning & building information modeling.

Providing architects with comprehensive building documentation through laser scanning & building information modeling.


Affordable Futures: Financing for Small-Middle Scale Housing

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In a recent article in Curbed Magazine on the pros and cons of owning a Boston triple-decker, Tom Acitelli described that at the start of 2020, the median condo price for a triple-decker in Boston was around $700,000. This high price-point stands in stark contrast from the 1880s and production where the building type was deemed to be one of the most affordable to own and rent.

During this third conversation in the Future-Decker series, our guest speakers will provide insights on the history and current state of affordability with regard to triple-deckers in Boston, as well as in other parts of the Greater Boston area and New England.

Speakers will discuss the transformation of preservation frameworks for triple-deckers over the last 100 years, as well as how to bring about affordable futures for our communities.


Monique Gibbs
Policy Innovation Associate

More speakers TBD



The exhibition is curated by Pat Falco, Boston Artist-in-Residence, and Wandy Pascoal, Housing Innovation Design Fellow with both the Boston Society for Architecture and the Boston’s Mayor’s Housing Innovation Lab. Exhibition partners include Wentworth Institute of Technology students and Local Voices Network.

Future-Decker Conversation Series

Join the Boston Society for Architecture for a virtual conversation series as a part of the upcoming exhibition, Future-Decker. The series will feature discussions with residents, architects, designers, and other practitioners as they share and learn from one other about the past, present, and future of the iconic building type: the three decker.

Speakers and participants will build upon the architectural, economic, and ultimately social value of triple and future deckers in the City of Boston and the region.


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