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Set and Achieve Your 2024 Goals Workshop (Virtual)

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    Free and open to the public

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    Professional Development



January! It’s a great time to set fresh goals and reboot your career development. However, even the most diligent people often struggle to stick with the goals they set and accomplish anything meaningful.

Why This Workshop

In this Workshop you will:

  • Learn how to write goals that combine inspiration and tangible results
  • Learn how to use focus and visualization processes to achieve your goals
  • Understand why habits are the most effective way achieve your goals
  • Start key new habits NOW
  • Take the first steps to achieve lasting, meaningful results

What You’ll Do In The Workshop

To get the most from the workshop, you will:

  • Come prepared to work with 2-3 real goals – professional or personal -you’d like to achieve in 2024.
  • Learn the visualization method used by numerous Olympics athletes
  • Learn why effective habits are essential for achieving your goals
  • Plan how to develop the habits you need to achieve your goals
  • Work in small, comfortable breakout groups to learn from others and get feedback on your Goals Worksheet and plans to develop new habits

About Bill Ronco, Workshop Facilitator

William (Bill) Ronco, Ph.D., will facilitate the workshop. He initiated and directs YAECPI, the Young AEC Professionals Institute sponsored by AGC Massachusetts and the Boston Society of Architects. (Here’s a link to the 2024 program content and enrollment )

To get the most from the Goals workshop, take a look at these two blog posts Bill posted on the page:

  • Building Leader Goals – Why So Hard? What To Do
  • Does It Work? Two Building Leaders Visualize To Achieve Goals

Looking to accelerate your professional and career development? Learn more about YAECPI 2024.