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Oct 04, 2016

ABX Spotlight: Dan Morrison

Dan Morrison headshot

Name: Dan Morrison

How are you participating in ABX 2016?
My website,, will be running a construction area featuring a local builder demonstrating best-practice methods: how to install windows in superinsulated walls—we'll install two of them, an “innie” and an ”outie”—and how to run the deep exterior window trim for “innies” and an airtight interior soffit for ductwork inside the house. A camera man on stage will give attendees a closer look on the details of the operation.

Your top 3 conference or speaker picks at ABX 2016?
Carter Scott and his session on the relationship between concepts of zero energy and cost competitiveness; Robb Aldrich PE and his session on air-source heat pump efficiency; and Jim Newman LEED AP O+M and his sessions on resiliency—not necessarily in that order!

What about the future of the building industry most excites you?
Electric cars. I am interested in how photovoltaic (PV), electric cars, batteries, and houses can supply stability to energy use: from a cost perspective, a storm outage perspective, and a supply perspective. I think it is going to be a big deal.