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Aug 24, 2020

BSA Equity in Practice Resource Guide

BSA Equity In Practice Resource Guide img

Cover of the BSA Equity in Practice Resource Guide

Graphic design by Aditi Thota

This document is a resource of shared information for architects and architecture firms to help create a more equitable profession. It provides information and links for our membership to consider in an effort to help shape firm discussions, actions, and decision-making about equity within their firms, in their work, and in their communities. It is not, however, intended to provide guidance as to how architects and architecture firms should resolve these issues, as those decisions may need to be made in consultation with legal consultants and other professionals, and based upon a multitude of factors.

The BSA Equity in Practice Resource Guide is based on a summary of the AIA’s Guides for Equitable Practice and is an evolving resource. It will be updated and revised as new information arises. It is organized into chapters including information on intercultural competence, workplace culture, compensation, recruitment and retention, negotiation, mentorship & sponsorship, advancing careers, engaging community, and measuring progress. It concludes with an appendix of additional resources.

As architects, we must understand the role we play in perpetuating systems of oppression and commit ourselves and our firms to practicing, designing, and building for racial justice and equity. Understanding where past biases and motivations stem from before taking new actions will help us to shape future policies and create structural changes in our profession, our communities, and our society.

We hope the resources and shared information in the BSA Equity in Practice Resource Guide is helpful to architects and their firms as a first step in creating a more equitable profession. Thank you to the EDI Network, a knowledge community of the BSA, for creating this resource.

The Boston Society of Architects’ EDI Resource Guide is derived from the American Institute of Architects’ Guides for Equitable Practice (Copyright © 2019. The American Institute of Architects.) All copyrighted materials were used with permission. The AIA’s Guides for Equitable Practice are funded and supported by the AIA as a sponsored research project through the University of Minnesota and University of Washington. The project was further informed by the related work of the Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice team of Australia and Equity by Design.