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Dec 10, 2020

Reaching the Residential Market

Mishaum Pt 248 R

Project design by ZeroEnergy Design.

Photo by Greg Premru Photography.

The Homeowner's Project Handbook will return in 2021!

The 2020 issue of the Homeowner's Project Handbook (HPH) was cancelled due to COVID-19 challenges, but the 2021 issue is back with greater opportunities than ever before! The new HPH will now be hosted on with greater visibility, visual representation, and enhanced search engine optimization. New media opportunities provide firms with more chances to showcase their work and an easy and compelling navigation for homeowners to explore articles on the value of working with an architect and inspirational images to help them select an architect to assist with their project.

View a preview of the new Homeowner's Project Handbook listing page here.

The current residential market is booming and shows no sign of slowing down going into 2021. Builders are racing to fill the gap between supply and demand; a sign that housing continues to lead the economy forward. Predictions from tell us:

  • Strong spring and summer home-buying seasons in 2021
  • Existing home sales will increase of 7% in 2021
  • Single-family housing starts are now predicted to increase by 9%
  • The rise of millennials will push the housing demand up

Instagram and Pinterest provide great visual inspiration, but offer little to help educate homebuyers or find the right architect. The Homeowner’s Project Handbook (HPH) provides homeowners with everything they could need from inspiration, financial worksheets and insightful articles, to the only official directory of licensed AIA architects in Massachusetts.

This year, HPH will feature a more robust search engine, allowing homeowners to find the right architect for their needs—whether they are looking for Women-owned firms, location-based providers, design-build services, or sustainability experts. Firm listings will spotlight each architect's best work with photographs, video, and award features.

The revised handbook will also cross-reference curated articles and useful tips to help educate homebuyers, including the benefits of working with an architect, considerations for sustainability, as well as home trends.

Listings, sponsored content, and advertisements offer valuable exposure for all design services. The handbook will be distributed through multiple partners, programs, and across BSA social media platforms throughout 2021.

Handbook listings are only available to AIA members in Massachusetts. Advertisements and sponsored content are available for non-members in all areas. Listings and advertisements are now available. View pricing and deadlines below:

January 31, 2021 | Final listing and advertising deadline

December 28, 2020 | Early-bird deadline

Each listing includes up to 200 words, four images, video, testimonials, award features, services provided, and cross-platform linking. View a preview here.

Feature your firm in the 2021 Homeowner's Project Handbook

Handbook listings are only available to AIA members in Massachusetts. (We advise using Chrome browser for best performance.)

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Let your work shine through your best project images!

We invite you to submit your best and brightest images of your work to be featured in articles for homeowners. Articles include Working with an Architect, Budgeting the Project, Energy Saving Solutions, The Role of the Builder, and many more. Please submit up to five (5) project images through this form by Monday, December 28. JPG, PNG, GIF accepted. Submission does not guarantee usage.

Please reach out with any questions to [email protected].

*Note that the registration deadline was extended from January 11 to January 31, 2021.