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Feb 03, 2021

The Hobson Award: The Story Behind the Design

Every year, BSA Honor Award winners receive the Hobson Award. This year, the Hobson was reimagined by Parke MacDowell AIA and fabricated by the BSA Knowledge Communities, MakeTank and MKR|MGR.

Image courtesy Payette

Video made in partnership with Payette, Sasaki, and the Boston Architectural College.

This design was the result of a design competition co-hosted by the two Knowledge Communities. Submitters were challenged to "Develop a new design for the award trophies...using the original Hobson Award and its Möbius strip as inspiration, as you interpret it."

We would like to thank the others who submitted to the competition—we appreciate your thoughtful and innovative designs: Steven Fallon, Phil O’Brien, and Pink Projects.

To learn more about the design competition, visit: Call for Designs: Hobson Award for the BSA Awards Gala.

You can see who received this year's Hobson Awards and all 2020 Design Award-winning projects here.