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May 04, 2020

Triple-Decker Thursdays: Expanding Middle Housing—A virtual Exhibition.

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Dorcester triple decker


The BSA keeps its focus on housing equity.

Lets talk about triple-deckers!
A lack of affordable housing in Boston still presents problems for thousands of working residents...Housing Fellow*, Wandy Pascoal Assoc. AIA, is looking at the New England triple-decker for solutions.

Calling all triple-decker dwellers!...Join one of our conversations, taking place Thursdays throughout May...Every Thursday afternoon Pascoal will be hosting conversations among triple decker dwellers...How do you feel in your triple-decker?...Did you choose to live there?...What works well?...What might improve?...Share your experience in a one-to-one dialogue with Pascoal, Thursdays from 2 PM to 4 PM through May 28...(Maybe Pat Falco, the City of Boston Housing Innovation Lab (iLab) Artist in Residence, will be on the call!)...Note that before social distancing requirements were established we'd planned to host these group talks in neighborhoods across the City of Boston...We made one happen!...Check back to listen to highlights from our Egelston conversation.


Gentle density?
Expensive housing prices and rents...High demand...Low supply...Finding the “missing middle” between high-rise and detached single family houses and promoting the concept of “gentle density” are critical steps for Boston to address the housing shortage...In June, the BSA, the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab (along with MIT's Future Urban Collectives Lab), and the iLab will coordinate a workshop on how “gentle density” may become the common ground to find new ways to design, finance, and produce affordable housing options in Boston...Pascoal to coordinate...The workshop's working title is "Expanding Middle Housing: Equitable & Sustainable Neighborhoods"...We'll be sure to report the results.


Future Decker
BSA Space
may be closed due to the COVID-19 social distancing requirements, but the Future Decker exhibition is still on the books, albeit in a digital format...Future Decker, on view in August, will be part of an ongoing exploration and documentation of the ways in which triple deckers have shaped the City of Boston, while inviting residents to envision the future of this iconic New England vernacular building typology...Featuring the work of Wentworth students, Local Voices Network, and more!..Check it out!


Check out more of the BSA's work to create housing equity.


*This is a 2-year joint fellowship between the BSA and the City of Boston Housing Innovation Lab. The fellowship is partly funded by the Boston Foundation and the Kuehn Charitable Foundation.