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Design Awards

Resized BSA awards detail Paige Mc Whorter 1

The Hobson Awards, 2021 Awards.

Image courtesy of Paige McWhorter.

The 2022 BSA Design Awards cycle is now closed.

Visit the 2022 BSA Design Awards page for award and submission information.

The Boston Society for Architecture Design Awards program celebrates innovation in the built environment, and the unique power of architecture to not only design buildings and spaces, but to improve the quality of life for the residents of Greater Boston.

The BSA Design Awards recognize the incredible work of our members who are not only designing buildings and spaces, but are also transforming communities and shaping the way we live through excellence in design.

We believe that innovation in the build environment is key to tackling the greatest challenges facing Boston, including the rising threat of climate change. In recognition of the new ways architects are designing sustainable spaces, the BSA has incorporated the American Institute of Architects Framework for Design Excellence, which includes metrics for evaluating buildings that promote sustainability, reduce carbon emissions, and promote healthy communities.

Come join us in celebrating design excellence in Greater Boston! Submit your work for consideration for our awards, which span architectural design, technical ability, environmental response, and social impact. Join us as we build a just and sustainable Boston, together.

To see galleries of the past award winning projects, visit

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