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Embodied Carbon

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Embodied Carbon 101 series

June 2020 - August 2020

The Boston Society for Architecture (BSA) is excited to present Embodied Carbon 101, a 12-part program series designed to give AEC professionals of all shapes and sizes the knowledge they need to incorporate embodied carbon considerations immediately into their work.

Learn more and register here.

CLF Boston

CLF Boston, the Boston Hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum, meets every other month to share knowledge and identify actions—immediate and long-term—for the AEC industry to address issues of embodied carbon in the built environment in Boston and beyond. The group aims to reduce carbon emissions, and aims to do so in part by examining and challenging the way that the industry works and talks about embodied carbon.

Learn more here.

Embodied Carbon in Buildings conference

May 31, 2019

Massive volumes of carbon emissions are tied to building materials and construction. The time for AEC professionals to talk carbon—and the time for Boston to lead—is now.

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