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Matter & Opinion

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Matter & Opinion (M&O) is a series of conversations that transform practice. Digging into emerging and pressing issues in design practice, M&O convenes experts and builds momentum around a variety of topics to spark action and to strengthen and diversify the future of architectural practice.

Matter & Opinion: Existing Buildings

July–August 2021
Boston cannot meet its climate goals without utilizing its greatest built and cultural assets: existing buildings. Ambitious aims to become carbon-free by 2050—with 85% of floorspace that will exist by then already built—require us to recognize and leverage existing buildings for what they are: banks of embodied carbon and material resources, opportunities for improving efficiency, community anchors, and compelling design challenges.

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Matter & Opinion: Practice-Based Research

October 2020
Practice-Based Research can look like many different things, but no matter what form it takes, it's a value-add for designers and clients alike. Leaders who have successfully integrated research into practice and business speak to how you can capture the value of work you're already doing. Practice-based research means better outcomes for everyone.

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Matter & Opinion: Embodied Carbon in Buildings

May 2019
Massive volumes of carbon emissions are tied to building materials and construction. The time for AEC professionals to talk carbon—and the time for Boston to lead—is now.

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