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BSA Award of Honor


Individual must be a BSA member, current or former, and have made "outstanding contributions to architecture and to the profession" over an extended period of time.

2023 Recipient

Carole Wedge FAIA
President and CEO Emerita
Shepley Bullfinch

Carole Wedge FAIA, LEED AP, is a former President and CEO at Shepley Bulfinch, a national architecture and interior design firm. Her work in both leadership and design capacities is noted for its success in achieving organizational change and strategically positioning her clients for the future. Carole is recognized for her leadership in moving the firm forward, growing the quality and creativity of the firm’s work, and aligning the brand. She is the recipient of 2020 Edward C. Kemper Award. Her experience includes notable projects at Princeton University, University of Houston, and Harvard Business School. After retiring in 2023, Carole began a career as a coach and strategic planner, helping others build and advance collaborative teams.