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BSA Earl R. Flansburgh Young Designers Award

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View the CFE and submit by Friday, September 29, 2023 | 11:59 pm.

2023 BSA Flansburgh Award CFE

It's often said that when you're deep in the woods, it's hard to see the forest. Preparing for the Earl R. Flansburgh Young Designers Award afforded me a valuable, perhaps even necessary, respite from the everyday routine. It allowed me to step back and reflect on two decades of my architectural journey. With the 'forest' now clearly in view, I'm better positioned to strategize for the upcoming decade, considering the evolving landscapes of our industry, profession, technology, and society. This period of introspection has sharpened my focus on future priorities and how I can make a meaningful impact. Sae Kim AIA, 2022 Award Recipient

Sae Kim 10 Farnsworth

10 Farnsworth

Sae Kim AIA | CBT

Sae Kim Climate Initiative

Climate Initiative

This award is named for Earl R. Flansburgh FAIA, a distinguished Boston architect and founder of Flansburgh Associates, who completed more than 200 diverse educational facilities projects during a career spanning more than 45 years. Flansburgh, the 1981 BSA president and 1999 BSA Award of Honor winner, generously supported emerging professionals and advocated for women architects. The firm he founded has been guided by the philosophy that a well-designed building improves the quality of our lives. This award is co-sponsored by the Flansburgh family.

The 2023 Flansburgh Young Designers Award will be juried by the BSA Honors and Awards Committee in the Fall of 2023. The prize includes an online exhibition of the winner’s work hosted through the BSA website, a lecture, and a one-year membership to the Boston Society for Architecture. The winner will be recognized at the BSA Awards Gala in 2024.


Students, emerging architectural professionals, and aspiring architects under the age of 40 are eligible to apply for this award.


Candidates must submit a digital portfolio, formatted to 8 ½ x 11 of no more than 25 pages in a PDF to [email protected]. Review eligibility and submission requirements, as well as submission hints here.

Three one-page letters of recommendations are required. Ideally, at least one letter comes from a BSA member, although this is not required. All letters of recommendation must be emailed by the letter author to [email protected]. Recommendation letters cannot be submitted by the candidate.

The portfolio must include:

  • Biography/resume listing relevant accomplishments, 2 pages max.
  • Personal statement outlining candidate’s design philosophy, 250-word max.
  • Photos, drawings, or other images illustrating design excellence in the candidate’s work.
  • Signed Declaration of Responsibility confirming that the work has been authored by the candidate.

Application Deadline

Friday, September 29 | 11:59 pm

2022 Recipient

Image: Elizabeth Kwok

Sae Kim AIA

Sae’s work has no boundaries. From urban design and architecture to research and exhibition, Sae searches for ways of informing a meaningful change through design. His creative process is founded on the generation and evolution of design solutions through the lens of problem-solving, storytelling, and value-creation. For Sae, the success of a design is determined not by how beautiful the project is or how well it performs, but by the depth of the dialogue it generates and the magnitude of its impact.

2022 Flansburgh Young Designers Award Presentation: Sae Kim AIA

A recording of a presentation by 2022 award recipient, Sae Kim AIA

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