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BSA Commonwealth Award


The individual, group, concept, or object (other than an architect or a building) has influenced significantly our built environment or our awareness of it. Prospective recipients might be a public agency, a public policy, or a private developer/user who encourages good design. Also eligible would be such diverse candidates as a publication or an outstanding education program.

2023 Recipients

HEET and Boston Green Ribbon Commission


Having pioneered the innovative Gas-to-Geo building decarbonization strategy—which brings clean, affordable heating and cooling to entire neighborhoods at utility scale—HEET is now working to accelerate the equitable transition from fossil fuels to thermal networks nationwide.

Boston Green Ribbon Commission

The Green Ribbon Commission accelerates Boston toward a climate safe, carbon free, equitable future. The mission of the Green Ribbon Commission is to accelerate the implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan by convening, organizing, and enabling leaders from Boston’s key sectors.