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Apr 01, 2021

Clients Shed Light on the Future of Boston Development

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Graphic identity by Katharine LiVolsi

BSA Client Conversations is a year-long program series that brings together clients, architects, and firm decision makers to demystify the process of working together and better understand the opportunities, resources, and strategies in the AEC industry.

Given the countless new projects and developments underway throughout the Greater Boston region, this series provides a monthly opportunity for our city’s change makers to come together, reflect, and share their experiences.

The series is focused around quarterly themes and each monthly session is hosted by Carole Wedge FAIA LEED AP, CEO at Shepley Bulfinch. All sessions begin with informal networking about current issues: climate action, healthy buildings, equity in building construction—and how to get things done.

Current projects are moving at a rapid pace with more ambitious developments to meet sustainability goals and the need for innovation. This series gives AEC professionals a unique opportunity to personally engage with Boston change-makers and provides insight on their strategies, leadership philosophies, and how to develop relationships with clients to change the landscape.

In each session, clients share how to deliver resilient investments to advance social equity, promote economic development, and improve opportunities for healthy living. Each discussion finds new ways to create connections, think sustainably, and build new partnerships that will take Boston into the future. Clients are working to include perspectives from policy makers, leaders, and advocates.

As Climate Ready Boston provides a roadmap for a stronger, more resilient Boston, we met with city, healthcare, and higher education clients in the first quarter (Q1). Chris Cook, Boston's Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, set the tone at the beginning of the series as he shared “there’s nothing but opportunity ahead” as we address climate action and collectively work together. John Messervy AIA, Dennis Carlberg AIA, and Jacob Knowles expanded on opportunities to take a lead on net zero projects. They shared valuable knowledge about how to build vertical and horizontal support for partnerships inside and outside their organizations.

Each quarter will continue to expand on previous conversations. In the second quarter of the series (Q2), focusing on Engines of the Market, we will meet a trio of sectors that are continually fueling new developments, achieving net zero goals, and helping to drive the economy. This quarter will feature a conversation with Alexandria Real Estate, the gold standard for life science development; visit Winthrop Center, expected to become the largest Passive House-certified office building in the world; and explore Baystate Commons Cohousing which is re-imagining future housing development.

Designer Katharine LiVolsi created the identity that provokes curiosity and conversation, while encouraging human connection.

Join us the second Tuesday of every month for an hour of conversations, discovery, and engaging conversations. Past sessions can be viewed here.

Upcoming events:

Q2: Engines of the Market

Exploring a trifecta of sectors that are fueling new developments, achieving net zero goals and helping to drive the economy: life sciences, technology and housing.

Q3: Evolving Strategies in Urban Space

This quarter we will meet clients who are helping to transform the urban landscape; pivoting and reimagining what places and spaces can be to deliver healthy and productive experiences.

Q4: Future Forward: What’s Next?

Development clients—from retail, private and public institutions, and transportation—will share their forecasts going into 2022.

Consider Client Conversations sponsorship to support this program and to promote your firm. Please contact Patricia Olshan for more information.