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Q3 Evolving Strategies in Urban Space

Client Conversations Q3

Design for the future requires consideration of factors beyond the work environment. It must accommodate interaction and balance, focus on value, have an understanding of purpose and a critical attention to detail. The shift of 2020’s remote work and social distancing sparked new thinking of what space means in an urban environment. The need to pivot and reimagine what places and spaces can be to deliver healthy and productive experiences has developers and designers alike rethinking short and long term planning. With a new found attention on these spaces, who are the clients that hire architects creating urban space? This quarter we will meet clients who are helping to transform the urban landscape.

Q3 Sessions

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 | 8:30–9:45 AM
Planning for the next 100 years: The story of the L Street Station Redevelopment
The L Street Station in South Boston, the former home of the Boston Edison Company, was on the forefront of major electrical innovations at a time when the world was first becoming electrified. This history of industrial innovation left behind magnificent turbine halls that will form the heart of a new mixed-use district in the South Boston neighborhood, making it one of the most innovative projects in Boston and beyond. As the redevelopment will play out over the course of the next 10 years, making good decisions that will endure, yet be flexible, will be key to the success of the development.

We’ll join the leaders of this project to hear about their plans for placemaking, project phasing, and strategies for managing risk over the lifespan of a multi-year development.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2021 | 8:30–9:45 AM
Innovations in Housing Affordability
As we emerge from the pandemic aftermath, Metro-Boston’s supply of affordable housing continues to lag behind. Seniors and families with children face an uphill climb in finding homes that meet their size and income needs. How will the affordable middle find its way into our lexicon of housing offerings?

Two well-known affordable housing client experts, Laura Martin from The Community Builders and Eliza Datta, of E3 Development, come to the BSA Client Conversations to share their latest innovations for tackling our region’s challenging economics and strategies for the future and how communities might start thinking differently about the economics and the housing offerings that the AEC industry needs to help provide. They are joined by the ‘Mother of the Micro Unit’, former BSA President Tamara Roy, to discuss their creative approaches to finance, design, and community engagement.

Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 8:30-9:45 AM
The Road To Resiliency: The Massport Story

The past year and a half has presented many challenges to society and organizations responding to the rapid evolution required to adjust to the new reality of life, work and travel. At Massport, the aviation and maritime industries have seen unique and near-constant change as a result of the pandemic, making it imperative for organizational adaptation and re-invention in order to be nimble and responsive. At the same time, the environment demands our attention as we see more frequent and impactful weather conditions and as our climate changes.

Please join Luciana Burdi and Peter DeBruin from the Capital Programs department at the Massachusetts Port Authority, as they discuss how Massport met these issues, and how they are planning for the on-going diversion from the business-as-usual path.


1 session | $20, BSA Members; $40, Non-members

Tickets are available as individual registration on each event page.