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Future Decker Exhibition Program

From October 28th-December 16 from 6-7:30pm, the BSA will host a series of conversations where residents, architects, designers, and other practitioners will share and learn from one other about the past, present and future of this iconic building type. Through the perspective of three key topics, speakers and participants will help build upon the architectural, economic, and ultimately social value of triple and future-deckers in the city of Boston and the region. We invite you to be a part of these conversations.

Triple-Decker Poems

Created by Dorchester’s very own Write on the Dot, the three-decker poem is a creative writing exercise in which three individuals create a unifying poem. The goal of this exercise is to collaboratively write a poem between three individuals, where each person chooses a "floor" to write three verses, carrying one word or theme into the following sections. Below are a few images of some of the poems created in our in person events, as well as a copy of a template.
With a family member or a friend, join us in creating your own Triple-Decker Poem.

Partnerships & Learnings

There is only so much of the work that has come out of this exploration that we could showcase in this exhibition. We want to honor the work created by our partners and elevate the work of so many others, toward a future where triple and future-deckers can continue and become the homes of many.


In the spring of 2020, we partnered with a 4th year architecture studio from Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT), where students were asked to design future-deckers on a few sites along Blue Hill Avenue, in Boston's Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods. Toward the end of the studio, the students created a short video telling their own story of their learning and journey in creating future-deckers. You may watch the full video below.

3-D Learnings

This year, while we took on the task of creating partnerships and building relationships with those willing to share their stories, we came across many others who shared their appreciation for tripledeckers in Boston and beyond. From articles, to podcasts to dissertations, our own learning and findings could not have been possible without the shared knowledge on this topic.

Thus, we have compiled the following list of the works that moved us and hope to use this platform to help support and elevate other efforts of this nature. Together we can continue to highlight the value of the three-decker and other forms of multifamily housing like it.

Articles: "The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Triple Decker" in; Historic New England, Fall 2013 issue,

Podcasts: "What Happened to the Triple Decker Dream?" and "The Triple Decker Menace" (both episodes on The Public's Radio)

Papers: "What Happened to the Three-Decker," by Jacob Wegmann, The Three-Deckers of Dorchester: An Architectural Historical Survey," by Arthur J. Krim

Movies: Triple Decker, A New England Love Story

Competition/Design Challenges: Massachusetts Clean Energy Center's Triple Decker Design Challenge

Thank You

Thank you for embarking on this journey through time alongside us and may we continue to work together to envision incredible futures for ourselves and each other.