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Practice-Based Research: Jillian Wiedenmayer

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Jillian Wiedenmayer
project architect, DREAM Collaborative

Lightning presentation
2:30 pm - 2:45 pm EDT
Putting the R&D in "Real Estate Development"

How do you define practice-based research?
At DREAM we have an internal iLab that’s mission is to: Test and launch architectural products & services that enhance our built environment, encourage innovation through collaboration and add to our value proposition.

What is the biggest barrier to practice-based research?
In real estate development, there is limited funding up front. In affordable housing, overall, there is limited funding. Therefore time and materials costs are often integrated into overhead for the firm until we are able to convert them into templates or products.

What is the value of practice-based research?
Practice-based research pushes us to think outside of the box and innovate on how we live and how we build. But more importantly, integrating practice based research into the structure of the firm is imperative for the profession of architecture to thrive and compete with other industries in the 21st century.

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Growing up in the political melting pot of DC, Jillian has a deep interest in the intersections of community, culture, and art. That passion later translated to her work at Rhode Island School of Design, where she graduated with honors holding a BFA, BArch with a concentration in Social and Cultural Dynamics in Design. From there she moved to Massachusetts where she focused on mixed-use residential, multi-families and commercial spaces. She believes that architecture is fundamentally a cultural art. Today, Jillian's studio practice pulls from her in-depth arts background, Passive House training, and her enthusiasm for bringing high quality design to a range of clients through savvy and economical decisions.