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Practice-Based Research: Kimberly Seigel

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Kimberly Seigel
research knowledge manager, Perkins and Will

Panel discussion
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm EDT
Finance + Operations

How do you define practice-based research?
At Perkins and Will, we define “practice-based research” as a collaborative process where research-driven practitioners and practice-driven-researchers identify challenges, review precedent, ask and answer research questions, and apply the results to address project challenges.

What is the biggest barrier to practice-based research?
The biggest barrier to practice-based research happens at an industry scale. The business model of architecture and urban design operates within timelines, budgets, and knowledge resources which are not always aligned with the needs of research.

What is the value of practice-based research?
We see the value of practice-based research not only in the form of improved environmental, economic, and experiential performance of the built environment, but also in our workplace culture. We encourage all our designers to explore their ideas, and the only prerequisite is curiosity. This license to be inquisitive and to innovate is what keeps our studios energetic, our talent engaged, and our ideas fresh for our clients.

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After pursuing degrees in Environmental Studies and Environmental Management, Kimberly has spent the past 13 years working on interdisciplinary teams tackling some of the built environment's most pressing sustainability challenges, with a particular focus on climate change. As the Research Knowledge Manager for Perkins and Will’s Research Group, she draws upon her background in research and sustainability consulting to help bridge the gap between various practices and the innovative research happening across the firm.