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Practice-Based Research: Ren Yee

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Ren Yee
head of Innovation, UNStudio + UNSense

12:45 pm - 2:00 pm EDT
UNStudio + UNSense

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As Head of Design/Strategies at UNStudio and UNSense, Ren advises and develops design strategies for governments and private organizations to bring smart city solutions to cities of tomorrow. With Ren’s direction, UNSense creates healthy, sustainable and sensible cities that respond to the needs of today’s citizens and imperative issues facing cities of tomorrow in planning, mobility, housing and energy.

Ren also leads the UNStudio Futures Team as Head of Innovation Strategy and Forecasting, tasked with the exploration of how we live, work, learn and move today and in the future, and forecasting the effects of these shifts on the built environment. As a new type of agency, UNStudio Futures works closely with UNSense to foster close collaborations with academics, technologists and thought leaders to prototype ways in which emerging technologies or approaches tackle modern day problems.