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Design Competitions

Suffolk Downs Wksp PM

Urban Design Workshop: Suffolk Downs

Photo: BSA Staff

Boston Living with Water

Boston Living with Water, an open international design competition, sought design solutions envisioning a beautiful, vibrant, and resilient Boston that is prepared for end-of-the-century climate conditions and rising sea levels. Fifty teams composed of more than 340 individuals hailing from eight different countries participated in this two-stage competition. Nine semi-finalists were selected earlier this spring, three for each of three sites. Teams included groups of academics, leading professionals, and large multi-office collaborations.

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Northern Avenue Bridge Competition

First opened in 1908, the Northern Avenue Bridge has served pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles, and even freight trains throughout its life. Unfortunately continuous exposure to salt water and air has caused extensive corrosion of the steel structure, and the bridge was closed to all traffic over a year ago due to safety concerns.

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Rotch Travelling Scholarship

Founded in 1883 in honor of Benjamin Smith Rotch, the Rotch Travelling Scholarship is the oldest of its kind in the United States and its influence has been felt throughout the entire profession. The roster of Rotch Scholars includes many of the country’s most distinguished architects: Henry Bacon, Ralph Walker, Wallace Harrison, Louis Skidmore, Edward D. Stone, Gordon Bunshaft, Victor Lundy and many others.

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