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Mass Ginger Multifamily Building

Our Gingerbread house shows a multifamily structures that half of the interior is shown as finished and occupied units and the other half is shown as unfinished to depict the structure elements behind the beautiful surface of the home. After finalizing the idea, we started by developing hand sketches and then created a Revit model followed by construction.

Our idea was to show a multifamily building that shows warmth of a home in holiday time that indeed is special for everyone. In addition, showing how the structure parts come together and make that sweet home stand tall was important to us, which is the reason behind showing half of the structure unfinished. The structure is designed to resemble Wood elements and Mass Timber. The favorite part about it was watching the spectacular result after the hard work, similar to every single project we are involved with in industry.

Maryam Ehsaei 01 Maryam Ehsaei
Maryam Ehsaei 08 Maryam Ehsaei