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Grants 2015


Boston Architectural College (Boston) – $3,000 to support Community Practice, a foundation course at the Boston Architectural College to develop innovative and effective strategies for engaging with Boston-area youth to facilitate conversations around the Imagine Boston 2030 planning process. (Benjamin Peterson, 617-585-0143)

BR+A+CE (Boston) – $3,000 to support the Tilt-Down Fence, an interactive public art piece that invites both Dorchester residents and the Vietnamese immigrant community in the Greater Boston Area to celebrate the role that immigrants have played in shaping Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods. (Hansy Better, 617-469-1109)

Healthy Community Initiatives, City of Revere (Revere) – $1,000 to support City on the Move, an education program for the Youth Health Leadership Council and senior citizens about the benefits and effects of complete streets design on promoting active transportation. (Julie DeMauro, 781-286-8100).

Community Studios (Hyannis) – $3,000 to support Community Studios: K-12 Design Education for the Cape and Islands, a series of hands-on workshops for children to develop and share design solutions for real-world community problems. (Mary-Ann Agresti AIA, 508-790-1665)

Design Museum Boston (Boston) – $3,000 to support the Urban Innovation Festival, an outdoor event to conceptualize, test, and implement placemaking initiatives in the Neighborhood Border Zone. (C.T. Ransdell, 888-287-0167 x701)

Emerald Necklace Conservancy (Boston) – $2,000 to support the Youth Leadership Program curriculum, in which participants learn about how the engineering design process is used to solve contemporary environmental problems. (Kent Jackson, 617-522-2700)

Fairmount Greenway (Dorchester) – $3,000 to support the Creating a Sense of Place on the Fairmount Greenway pilot project, a series of pavement murals, sidewalk stencils, and other traffic calming measures along the Fairmount Greenway. (Michelle Moon, 320-282-7708)

Future Prep 101 (Boston) – $2,500 to support Future Prep 101: How to Prepare Teens for Design Careers™, a half-day seminar to develop the next generation of creative thinkers by equipping teens to study design, and giving college and career prep. (Aisha Densmore-Bey, 857-225-5107)

In House (Somerville) – $3,000 to support Urban Folds, an urban installation and community engagement series, located along Allston’s Franklin Street Pedestrian Bridge, that aims to revitalize the bridge, culminating in a public architectural exhibit. (Jillian Wiedenmayer, 617-942-0579)

Michael Haggerty (Cambridge) – $1,000 to support Re-thinking Local, a hands-on workshop to expose middle- and high-school students to the sustainable design practices of leading Bangladeshi and Vietnamese architects. (Michael Haggerty, 646-526-5669)

Paige Academy (Roxbury) – $3,000 to support Surviving Our Polluted Society (SOPS), a program for elementary school students and adults to build capacity for resilient design through hands-on workshops, discussions, and curriculum. (Keith Clougherty, 305-773-6016)

RAW Art Works (Lynn) – $3,000 to support Good to Go (G2G), an arts employment program in which a team of Lynn youth create public art, learning how to manage projects, think critically, and communicate and engage with their local community. (Jennifer Pieroni, 781-593-5515 x204)

Rose Kennedy Greenway (Boston) – $1,000 to support the Art Ambassador program, an ongoing educational public engagement effort that provides visible and friendly presences in the park, tours, and information about artworks. (Amy De Genaro, 617-603-7720)

Street Ops (Watertown) – $2,500 to support the Roslindale Village bicycle corral-parklet, an on-the-ground and community-supported project that aims to elevate awareness of effective design, promote bicycle use and infrastructure, and benefit the neighborhood as a whole. (Allen Penniman, 617-462-2826)

University of Massachusetts Amherst (Amherst) – $3,000 to support the Nipmuc Design for Empowerment Project, including a hands-on design workshop and planning event that will inform the ultimate creation of a Nipmuc Community and Education Center. (Ray Mann, 413-545-7890)

Urbano Project (Jamaica Plain) – $3,000 to support the Egleston Square Peace Garden project, particularly a series of workshops for teens about landscape architecture, urban planning, and community engagement to develop design interventions for the garden. (Denise Delgado, 617-983-1007)