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Gingerbread Junction: Whisking You to a Sweeter City

West Work Gingerbread Junction Whisking

Ho-ho-ho! Step right up and behold a gingerbread marvel that's more than just sugar and spice—it's a holiday miracle on a plate! Our gingerbread creation isn't your average festive treat; it's a sugar-coated wonder showcasing Boston's bustling transport hub in a way that'll make even the elves' jaws drop!

Gingerbread Express5 Shanice Lam

Picture this: a sweet, exploded sectional view of the MBTA, roads, and a pedestrian bridge—all crafted from gingerbread magic! Starting from Roxbury Crossing, we've sprinkled a hefty dose of imagination to transform the city's transport scene. Our masterpiece proposes a raised pedestrian paradise, complete with lush greenscapes, creating a sugary spectacle that shades the roads below while perched upon a rail line—voila, a brand-new transport hub that's all gingerbread charm!

But here's the icing on the cake (literally!): it's not just for humans on the move. Nope, our gingerbread wonderland welcomes everyone—from citizens on foot, skates, bikes, and even unicycles! And hold onto your Santa hats—this sugary haven isn't exclusive to us; it's a cozy corridor for local birds and critters too! Imagine the joy of our furry and feathery friends making pit stops during their travels.

So, through all the frosting and sugar snowflakes, we invite you to savor our vision, embrace the sweetness of enhancing the pedestrian route, and join us in celebrating a gingerbread transport hub that'll make even Santa's sleigh a little jealous!

Gingerbread Express2 Shanice Lam