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Hovering through the Sweet City

Northeast Metro Tech High School

Our gingerbread creation showcases Boston's vibrant skyline and iconic buildings, complemented by a hovering train system intricately winding through the sugary cityscape. This portrayal captures Boston's dynamic movement and transit progress. The collaborative effort across disciplines at our vocational high school was the highlight of this project. Partnering with the culinary team was integral to bringing our vision to life. Witnessing diverse skills merge into a unified project echoed the essence of Boston's history and its forward trajectory. Just as the city evolved through diverse trades and contributions, our teamwork among students from various vocational disciplines mirrored the spirit of collective progress. To create this gingerbread masterpiece, our Junior Drafting & Design class at Northeast Metro Tech navigated a tight schedule. We brainstormed collectively and sketched ideas, eventually dividing into smaller groups to construct different parts using Solidworks. With a short turnaround time, our enthusiasm remained high. Collaboratively, we integrated 3D files and produced templates to hand over to Culinary. They transformed these templates into delightful gingerbread cookies and delicious modelling icing that our class meticulously decorated and assembled the baked components. Our creation represents the theme "Transit: Boston on the Move" by showcasing the bustling movement within the city. The futuristic train system symbolizes progress and dynamic movement, echoing Boston's vibrant transit evolution.

Gingerbread Photo1 Jenna Lyn Croteau