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The Great British TV Binge

Nothing exemplifies "escaping to fantasyland" more then turning on the TV at the end of a long work day and getting sucked into a good show. For my family that escape was the Great British Baking Show on Netflix which inspired every birthday cake we made in 2020 as well as this gingerbread creation (our signature bake!)

Our creation is a retro TV set made of gingerbread, icing, candy, and other baked treat that displays a scene from the Great British Baking Show. Inside the TV diorama are gingerbread versions of Prue, Paul, and Noel - three judges from the most recent season of the show. Hopefully those judging our creation are as festive as our gingerbread judges and we are named this week's Star Baker!!

Cam simko 02
Cam simko 01 Cameron Simko