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A Fairy's First Frost

This Gingerbread creation is a fairy garden come to life, full of lively fairies, mushrooms, flowers, and bugs. One of the tiny village's features is a little frozen puddle where fairy's can Ice-skate and partake in imaginative ice fishing. There are three gingerbread homes all creatively designed by what fairy's could find in the forest; mushrooms, leaves, pebbles, and twigs. These fairy's with the help of their friendly and colorful lighting bugs decorate their homes to celebrate the holiday season. Other critters hang around the village including lady bugs and a large centipede. The village just had their first frost so although everything is still green it has the light dusting to acknowledge that winter is arriving.

Dahlia Bender 03

I made this gingerbread creation because when I was little I had a fairy garden that I would watch and imagine a fantastic world. It was also a dream of mine to fly like a fairy. So when thinking of my perfect fantasy land I thought it would be the perfect dream escape from 2020.

The entire Gingerbread Creation is edible from the mushroom to the the floor. I created the mushroom cap, large grass blades, flower stem, fairy wings, frozen puddle and windows with sugar glass/pulled sugar. The flower and ladybugs are made of fondant. The fairies are made of pretzels and air heads and the centipede is made out of whoppers and eye sprinkles. The houses are made of everything from, gingerbread, jellybeans, frosting, light shaped sprinkles, pretzels, and edible pearls!

Lastly, My favorite part is my mushroom house! After 6 tries of designing a cone like shape, I finally came up with a crafty pentagon. I also love my sugar work mushroom cap, with white chocolate spots. This also took a few tries to make, but it became the show stopper of the village. Also not as large as the mushroom cap but very imported to any home is the door mat that says welcome. I had to put my piping skills to the test but it worked out beautifully.

Dahlia Bender 04
Dahlia Bender 01