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Weekend in the Woods

This lil' glass A-Frame(esque) house is a cabin in the woods, supplied with the necessary fire pit & hot tub. It reminds me of past adventures with friends where we stayed in a woodsy area of Vermont and it represents the type of place I'd love to escape to today with all of them by my side. My favorite part is the glass house, triangle shaped panes. This is because of the effort I put in to make the jolly ranchers melt, gingerbread to not break or burn, and how I eventually got them to all "connect" together and stay upright. It represents a fantasyland to me these days because of the uncertainty of Covid-19 and not knowing a timeline for when such gatherings, such weekend trips with friends, will be safe again.

Bailey smith dewey 01
Bailey smith dewey sketch 02 Bailey Smith Dewey
Bailey smith dewey 02
Bailey smith dewey sketch 01 Bailey Smith Dewey