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Alan Fortescue

CP Gas, 2019, Photograph as archival pigment inkjet print, $1,500.00

The focus of this project is to re-encounter landscapes, the things that shape them on a micro level, and to see these micro-scapes as vast and thematically diverse. I am, in particular, interested in microcosms that exist within landscapes that have been altered by humans. I explore how materials like steel, stone, or wood are transformed by utilitarian needs into mass-produced everyday objects that we take for granted which are, over time, re-transformed into something unplanned and full of individual character.

Iron ore mined from the ground then smelted in blast furnaces where the impurities are removed and carbon is added to make steel, the steel then formed and printed into a street plate for a CP Gas Co., then years into service in Amherst, Massachusetts small stones, water, weather, wear, transform into itself.